Committed to Minimizing Environmental Impacts

Tanos Exploration understands that our work has impacts beyond storage and visible wellheads. Part of our business model includes minimizing the long-term costs and impacts of natural gas production, and we do that by minimizing the footprint we leave at our well sites.

Our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment extends beyond simply adhering to local, state, and federal regulations. We strive for the lowest impact possible, and have taken steps to provide Responsibly Sourced natural gas.

Going Above and Beyond Industry Best Practices

Tanos Exploration’s health, safety, and environment team strive to improve on industry best practices for both workplace and environmental safety. From wastewater management to emissions, we're committed to going above and beyond to protect our communities from the long-term costs of natural gas exploitation.

Pursuing Sustainable Oil & Gas Production

At Tanos, sustainability is a key indicator for long-term success. As a company, we form strategic partners with industry-leading companies that share our dedication to sustainability.

These partnerships allow us to stay on the cutting edge of emissions, water resource management, biodiversity, and other vital aspects of the communities in which we operate.

We believe that by minimizing the long-term impacts of natural gas exploration, we create more value for our stakeholders and the country at large.

Health & Safety

Fostering a Culture That Prioritizes Safety

Tanos Exploration understands that compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations are vital to creating a work environment that protects our employees, contractors, and communities.

Alongside developing procedures that prioritize workplace safety, we impart a commitment to safety in every Tanos employee. The results of workplace losses are often tragic, and it’s in part due to our commitment to safety that Tanos is able to provide higher value for our stakeholders.

Dedicated to Protecting Our Communities

Tanos Exploration is united in our commitment to help protect the communities in which we operate. We follow all local, state, and federal guidelines for emissions, even taking our worksites a step further.

We’ve partnered with Project Canary, a state-of-the-art emissions monitoring company, and each Tanos well includes a Project Canary emissions monitor to help us lower emissions at each well site.

We’re committed to pursuing Responsibly Sourced natural gas production, and our team is constantly working towards the goal of sustainable natural gas exploitation.

The Pursuit of Sustainable Business Practices

At Tanos Exploration, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. Part of how we add value is by reducing the long-term costs associated with natural gas production. These costs include those to the environment and water resources.

As part of our pursuit for more efficient production techniques, we’re also committed to reducing those long-term environmental costs.


Our Future Relies on Transparency

Our commitment to sustainable natural gas development and corporate growth relies on being able to provide transparent reporting demonstrating that commitment.

As a company, we’ve developed performance KPIs for both natural gas production and meeting our internal ESG goals, including:

  • Air emissions
  • Water conservation
  • Employee health & safety
  • Data monitoring & reporting
  • And more

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Historically, the oil & gas industry has been one of the least diverse industries. Tanos is committed to the idea that a diverse workforce that enables an exchange of ideas otherwise not possible is vital to our success.

Tanos Exploration is committed to diversifying our workforce and leadership to ensure that we have the manpower resources we need to succeed in a rapidly changing industry and regulatory environment.

A Culture that Prioritizes Ethics

Tanos leadership promotes ethical business practices to our employees. This includes accountability, transparency, and strict adherence to local, state, federal, and internal performance regulations.

We implement procedures that enable us to provide clear, transparent reporting to constituents, regulator agencies, and stakeholders.

In a rapidly evolving industry with a tight regulatory environment, this commitment to ethical practices and transparent reporting enables us to anticipate and meet future challenges while continuing to find avenues to increase value for investors and stakeholders.