Our Expertise

Innovative Drilling Solutions

Tanos combines exceptional people, technical expertise and operating efficiencies to maximize value and investor returns. We believe it is not only important to be an excellent employer in East Texas, but it is also critical to be an excellent corporate citizen in the communities where we operate.

Tanos Exploration is a privately held company that was capitalized in 2007 in order to take advantage of more than 120 years of combined management experience exploiting conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the Ark-La-Tex area.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to build an environment where our team members and stakeholders can provide ethically-sourced natural gas with minimal environmental impact.

We do that by combining a strong management team, excellent equity and banking partners, experienced and talented employees, with state-of-the-art drilling and production technologies.

Our History

Tanos Exploration LLC was initially founded in 2007 as a horizontal drilling company with an initial equity commitment of $40 million.

The company grew primarily through acquisitions and drilling, so that by the time of divestment in April 2013, Tanos was operating over 100 oil & gas wells.

When Tanos II began, the company partnered with Quantum Energy Partners, a leading provider of private-equity capital to the energy industry.

This partnership allowed Tanos II to focus on creating value through drilling and acquisitions in East Texas and North Louisiana.

Since then, Tanos II personnel have established a track record of identifying, closing, and digesting acquisition and exploration opportunities–all while maximizing investment value by reducing operating costs and enhancing production.

As a registered operation in Texas and Louisiana, Tanos has maintained a superior safety and environmental record, while being recognized as a cost-efficient leader in horizontal drilling.

Core Values

  • Efficiency


    A core part of our business model includes finding better, more efficient drilling technologies that create more production value.
  • Sustainability


    Tanos is committed to providing sustainable natural gas exploration and extraction in conjunction with a dedication to protecting the environment.
  • Safety


    We’ve built a culture of safety at Tanos. Our company and employees are committed to safe work practices to reduce worksite accidents.
  • Innovation


    Our team always strives to find technologies and methods that improve production and increase shareholder value.

Tanos Timeline

  • 2007

    Tanos Energy Holdings I/Tanos Exploration I capitalized in 2007 for $40 MM by Natural Gas Partners

  • 2008

    Drilled first horizontal Cotton Valley Sand well in 2008

  • 2013

    Monetized Tanos Energy Holdings I to Memorial Resource Development in 2013.
    Tanos Energy Holdings II/Tanos Exploration II capitalized in 2013 for $200 MM by Quantum Energy Partners

  • 2016

    Drilled 50th horizontal Cotton Valley Sand well in 2016
    Quantum increased capital commitment in 2016 to $500 MM, forming Tanos Energy Holdings III for the acquisition of Conoco Phillips Gulf Coast Basin exit

  • 2017

    Drilled Sorrels #4 Bossier Sand vertical well in 2017 - Highest IP rate vertical well in the country in 2017

  • 2018

    Drilled first horizontal Haynesville Shale well in 2018
    Drilled 100th horizontal Cotton Valley Sand well in 2018

  • 2021

    Monetized Tanos Energy Holdings III to Diversified Energy in 2021

  • 2023

    Achieved “Gold” status through Project Canary ‘RSG’ TrustWell certification in 2023
    Monetized Tanos Energy Holdings II to Diversified Energy in 2023
    Drilling 134th horizontal Cotton Valley Sand well in 2023, and counting…