Our royalty owners and partners are very important to us and we want to answer all your questions and concerns. The owner relations section will seek to provide you with information about whom to contact, answers to common questions and quick access to important forms. We hope you find this site a convenient resource for all your questions and needs.

Always have your name, owner number and social security number available before contacting the owner relations department.


Owner Relations
821 E Southeast Loop 323,
Suite 400, Tyler, TX 75701

  • Address Change

    CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM. This form must be signed and mailed, faxed or emailed to the number/address above.

  • Name Change


    Requests for name changes for individuals must include the name on file with Tanos, your social security number and copies of documentation supporting the change (i.e., marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the number/address below.

    Company/Corporation (Due To Merger)

    Certificate of Name Change including TAX ID

  • Ownership Changes

    During the lifetime of a lease or well, there may be numerous changes in ownership. We make evidencing a change in ownership an easy process.

    Disclaimer: Each leasehold/royalty interest is governed solely by the language in the individual written agreement between Tanos Exploration II, LLC and the leasehold/royalty owner. Nothing in this portal will amend the language in your written agreement concerning lease terms or royalties or gran any additional rights to leasehold/royalty owners.

    Sale of Interest

    A copy of the document, filed of record in the county/parish in which the property is located, conveying the interest to the new owner.

    Owner Dies Testate (with a will)

    • Copy of the Death Certificate
    • Order Admitting Will to Probate
    • Letters Testamentary
    • Last Will and Testament of Decedent
    • Evidence that Debts and Taxes have been paid
    • Final Decree of Distribution or Judgment of Possession

    Owner Dies Intestate (no will)

    • AFFIDAVIT OF HEIRSHIP FORM, should be executed by two disinterested parties and recorded in the county/parish where property is located. (form supplied)
    • Copy of Death Certificate

    Trust/Partnership Change

    • Trust or Partnership Agreement: If appropriate, recorded document conveying the interest in a property to a Trust or Partnership
    • Dissolution of Trust or Partnership: If appropriate, a recorded conveyance to beneficiary
    • Change in Trustee: Recorded instrument whereby the successor trustee was appointed

    Sale of Interest

    Conveyance filed of record in the county/parish where the property is located.

  • Payments

    Tanos offers Direct Deposit. Download Enrollment Form

    Payments are made in accordance with applicable State Statute. After the payment for initial production is made, Tanos pays for oil and gas production two months after production occurs.

    The minimum payment threshold is $100 – therefore, payment will be made when the accumulated funds amount to $100. Owners can expect payment the last week of the month.

    Suspended Payments: For your protection, payments may be occasionally suspended due to questions regarding your account. Examples of when such suspension could occur include, but are not limited to:

    • Check is returned for bad address
    • Title Dispute
    • During the process of transferring property
    • Death of an interest owner

    Revenue Check

    Tanos's monthly revenue check detail is now sent to www.EnergyLink.com. This fully integrated website can be used to print your check detail or code and upload your check detail into your accounting system. By using this system you will be able to record your revenues in a timely manner.

    To create an account, please visit www.EnergyLink.com. Click on the login tab and "Need a User ID?" and enter in all the options stated on the website.

    Select the following options:

    • Operator’s Region – United States
    • Document Type – Revenue
    • Operator – Tanos Exploration II, LLC

    Enter your Owner Number, a Check Number and the related Check Amount.

    If you are having trouble registering for EnergyLink, please email simply support@energylink.com or call 1-888-573-3364.

    For any other questions to be directed to Tanos owner relations personnel, please send an email to royalty@tanosexp.com or call 903-597-7667 X6644.

  • FAQS

    When can I expect to receive my form 1099?

    The Form 1099 is mailed by January 31 of each year. If you have not received your Form 1099 by February 15, please contact us by email at ROYALTY@TANOSEXP.COM

    Why do the transfer documents have to be recorded?

    In order to maintain the property chain of title in ownership and give third-party notice, ownership changes can only be made after the transferring document has been filed of record in the county clerk's office where the property is located.

    What do I do if my check is lost, stolen or becomes outdated?

    Email the Division Order Department to stop payment if your check is lost or stolen. Please supply your name, owner number, check date and check number. If your check is outdated, void the check, and send it back to Tanos (at the address below) with a written request for a new check.