Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Tanos II understands our work has impacts beyond the visible wellheads and storage tanks. Such impacts include changes to scenery and sounds from temporary operations such as drilling rigs and completion operations, but with that also comes benefits - income to property owners, new jobs, and additional revenue for communities. Tanos also understands that compliance with all applicable laws and regulations fosters a workplace that respects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the public, and the environment. It’s that unseen work of demonstrating respect for our neighbors and for rules that allows Tanos II to deliver the returns our investors desire.

Health, Safety and Environment

Complying with all applicable laws and regulations is achieved only by integrating required procedures into all facets of operations. That’s especially true in the areas of health, safety and environmental performance where the consequences of noncompliance are often tragic. So, Tanos II implements HSE policies that meet or exceed applicable rules and generally-accepted practices. Adhering to these policies ensures the demands of cost or time cannot compromise the health and safety of personnel or create risks to the environment.


Tanos II uses innovative technologies to minimize the surface footprint for operations. Horizontal drilling combined with multi-pad drilling locations (where applicable) drastically reduces the necessary surface area, while increasing efficiencies over the life of the wells. The use of bi-fuel rigs reduces diesel consumption by half, replacing it with cleaner burning natural gas.

We strive to work as a team toward common goals and to be the "partner of choice" for other companies and landowners.